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General terms and conditions of

Wonders Center & Science Museum

No Cancellation, Revocation or Exchange Right

There are no rights of revocation, return, cancellation or exchange of Tickets for Events, except where otherwise provided by applicable law, or permitted in the sole discretion of the Organizer. Subject to the foregoing, any purchase of Tickets is binding immediately upon completion of the purchase transaction (i.e., confirmation from the Organizer that the purchase has been completed) and cannot be cancelled.

No Right of Cancellation

In the event of significant modification, postponement or cancellation of an Event due to circumstances for which the Organizer is not responsible, the Organizer shall be entitled to declare the Ticket to be valid for another Event. In this case, the return of the Ticket, a refund of the total costs or a reversal of the ticket purchase is not permitted, unless participation in the other Event is demonstrably unjustifiable to the End Customer, the discretion of the Organizer or its agents. In all other cases of significant modification, postponement or cancellation of an Event, the End Customer shall be entitled to return the Tickets and shall be entitled to a refund for the price of the Ticket less any processing fees. vivenu shall process the exchange or refund on behalf of the Organizer. The refund will be made to the End Customer using a payment method selected by vivenu (on behalf of the Organizer). A modification shall be considered significant if the modified Event is fundamentally different from the Event that the Ticket purchaser reasonably expected.

No Transfer Possible

The resale, transfer, or re-assignment/personalization of Tickets without the prior consent of the Organizer or vivenu (on behalf of the Organizer) is prohibited.

This ticket indicates my consent to receive text messages no more than once a week regarding our outreach missions.